Newb with questions

Mar 2020
Hey all, I'm new to Ducati, but I've been riding for years. I've owned a few bikes over the years. I bought a 2016 Street Glide Special new a few years back, but I sold it last year because I just didn't ride it enough to justify the cost. That said, I miss riding. I've looked at some less expensive/bar hopper rides that are used, but not used up. I've previously looked at the dying breed of muscle cruiser in the Harley V-Rod and Yamaha Vmax, and that's when I came across the Diavel. Simply put, I'm ignorant of not only the Diavel and its myriad of models but Ducati as a whole. So can some of y'all educate me? I will likely never wring out any of the models to their full potential, but should I be looking at any models/trim levels over others? How is maintenance? I was told by someone that maintenance costs can hit $4000 every 10,000 miles. Any truth to this? Thanks for reading, and I look forward to learning from this forum.

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