new parts for sale

Jul 2016
hey guys I have bought a lot of parts for a diavel that i was going to pull the trigger and buy a brand new carbon but when i went to road test it just wasn't for me. in terms of comfort i'm older guy and i need to have me legs out in front of me. i'm going to have to go to a different bike. it sucks the diavel is a gorgeous bike. just not a good fit for me. so i re bought a bunch a parts over time to not have a big hit when i was going to get the bike. so here is what i'm selling it's all brand new i don't know how to post pics but i can email them to you. so here is what i have

ilmberger carbon fiber parts

small exhaust cover $ 88.00
lower instrument cover on the tank $ 175.00
rear mud guard $ 120.00

dp clutch cover $ 120.00
dp frame plugs $ 120.00
dp panigale fuel cap $ 115.00
dp red oil cap $ 20.00
evotech rear preloader knob red $ 100.00

shoot me a email or pm for pics or some one tell how to post pics
my email [email protected]
thanks for looking
May 2016
Have you tried a test run on the new xdiavel? It has forward controls and feels like a tradition cruiser compared to the neutral riding other models.