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Ducati fanatic from Boston, MA

Hi all, I'm Dana and I have a problem...

I'm a female rider and presently 49 years young. I've only been riding for about 4 years really, although I've done nearly 2 dozen track days, read a bunch of books on suspensions and riding techniques AND I even competed in my first road racing season last year on my 848EVO.

Don't ask , I'll get faster next year when I have more seat time.

I'm not much for intros but here's my impression of the new bike so far.

I recently added a 2013 Diavel Dark to my collection and I'm learning to enjoy riding it. It's balance and handling feels nothing like my 848 nor the Monster 1100 which I owned before it. There's something about the way the bike feels when I flick it that is somewhat exaggerated and wiggly. I relate to it kind of like the feeling I get when I over counter steer for the speed (lack of) I'm carrying into a long consistently radius'd turn. Sorry if I'm being too verbose, I'm an engineer and I babble like this often. I'm hoping it's some combination of needing to set the sag and me learning to get used to sitting so low. I'm starting to trust the bike a little more as it's never actually been loose or sloppy. Anyway, all constructive insights are very appreciated and welcome!

I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone and learning.

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You're a true ducatista!! Nice work. I think for suspension experts to make a qualified opinion you'd need to include your height weight details. For example I'm 6'3 215 dry & I upgraded my rear spring to a 90nm for the extra spring weight. My carbon had its spring preload wound up to compensate for my weight. Now that I'm in the middle of the spring(weight), my static sag & riding sag are perfect. Certainly if you're jumping on without setting both front & rear sag you could experience a wollowing bike because you're lacking the weight to load your suspension circuits. Your suspension circuits don't even come into play if you're too light to load them. Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction
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I Ride: 2014 Diavel Strada
Hey Dana,
Great choice with the Diavel. I had a 2011 Red when they were first introduced and just recently traded it in on 2014 Diavel Strada. Each bike has it own personality and characteristics.
I would recommend that you talk to the dealership shop tech that you purchased the bike from and explain exactly what you are expecting from the bike and they should be able to recommend a set up tailored to your needs.
Everyone has a set up liking that is unique to themselves and to the manner in which they ride.
Very impressive with your track days in such a short time of riding. You did choose very correctly with Ducati I must say.
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