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Diavel252 August 30th, 2018 11:46 AM

Traction control and wheelie control
Hi everyone Iím new to the site and like to say Hi!!

Have had my 2016 Diavel since last year bought it new.
Love this thing but have to admit the power in these are pretty impressive and also scared at some times. What Iím trying to find out I know the Xdiavel has wheelie control and I see little things here and there about it but no one every says much.
With our traction control settings I heard that anything over setting 2 it is hard to pull the wheel. Iím not a wheelie fan in any way and all I can see is it causing more damage then good. I just like the launch and get up and go. The first gear in these with the motor design and torque I would like to know what helps to get it out of the hole really fast with out flipping it over. Lol I see videos and it nothing shows anything and I would like to know if there is a setting on the traction control that allows you to really launch it and not have to worry about pulling it right up or something. Like e.g. 0 setting - get ready to flip it. / 3 setting - will pull up high. / 6 setting - 7-8 inches of the ground and that at full throttle. 9 setting - forget about and tire coming off the ground.

Thanks and hope to get to know everyone.

Diavel252 September 2nd, 2018 11:56 AM

Anyone have any insight on this


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