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Buying online, any good websites?

Hi all, I think I have to replace my chain on my Diavel but I'm wondering if you have to do the sprockets at 27000km is it the same like a bicycle for chain and sprocket at the same time? If so does anyone have any good websites they buy off besides eBay and Amazon?

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Chain replacement

Yes if your chain has stretched it will have worn the sprockets so you need to change them together.
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Replacing chain without replacing both sprockets is like taking a shit and not wiping your ass. The sprocket teeth become disfigured after chain has stretched and need to be replaced together. I replaced my chain/sprockets at 21K miles. Not because I had to.... Granted at 21K miles, it was past the 210mm stretch spec. according to the shop manual, but still seemed to have some life life though.
Here's a good aftermarket source:

Ducati Diavel Parts - Sprockets and Chains, Drivetrain

Good luck.
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