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Velcro - The Ultimate Tail Tidy

**Please Comment with Feedback**

Finally ditched all the BS solutions out there and went with industrial grade 10lbs p/sq.in. Velcro. Works great.

1) Items needed: 1xRoll of Indust. Velcro, 1xrubbing alcohol, 1xregistered license plate, 1xvice sort of device
2) Remove stock fender/plate holder monstrosity (Youtube for how-to guidance)
3) Using vice or similar (makes for nice clean even bends), bend both L and R side of the plate, ~20-30deg toward face of plate, about 1/2"- 3/4" from side. This is needed for clearance for the signal lights in the tail.
4) Clean shaft underside of rear retractable hand hold and black of plate with alcohol.
5) Cut ~3" piece of Velco, install on underside of hand-hold shaft about 1.5-2" from cross member/end of handhold (allow space for passenger fingers.
6) Install plate on installed Velco, centering it very precisely.
7) You're done - go for a ride. Check for plate regularly until you're confident it won't blow off
8) Enjoy

Planned Enhancements:
-Going to make border black to clean-up looks, mask mounting holes etc.
- possibly add light rather than dependence on running light illumination

Features and Benefits:[/U]
1) Easy - easily removed to access seat lock
2) Cheap - $6, I think, maybe $4
3) Works - haven't lost the plate yet
4) Secure - either take the plate with you or lock it under the seat
5) Super light weight
6) Looks great

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Looks great and cheap too!
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